When I read this article it had great value so I wanted to share it with you to use as a tool if you are in the process of branding your business

Branding has undergone a fast paced evolution and today it has emerged into a very influential revolution in the print, electronic, outdoor and new media. Branding is a process that evokes an emotional reaction in the target segment. It stimulates and persuades the target segment by making home feel the difference that any particular brand has made to the lives of countless consumers. Scope and size of any branding campaign is totally dependent upon the availability of your budget and the preferences of the company management in launching a branding campaign.

famous-brandsIt’s an endless story that can go to the most extreme glory in all terms and conditions provided the company has courage and capability to allow such freedom. It’s good to go on all media with your branding campaign but it has to start to be smarter from home. Branding campaign should start from the company’s own premises, staff, vehicles, uniform and all that is visible to the world. Everything must reflect the power of brand through intensive branding at home. This creates a sense of pride and belonging among the staff and makes visitors feel the corporate personality of any brand at home. It looks so charming and it reflects the corporate culture of that particular company.

Some of the most successful branding campaigns which had been launched with huge budget and full thrust were not able to create a stronger impact due to their negligence to recognize the importance of branding at home. They too it for granted that, since we are the company, we know, but it’s not the case in the real sense of the word. Branding actually begins at home, even the buttons of shirt and cufflinks needs to be branded to give a corporate look to the whole world. Successful and professional branding strategies of brands begin with the idea of “branding begins at home”.

Really professional brand manager understand the need for branding all that contributes to the brand. Brand is equally loved, admired and liked inside an outside the premises of production, sales and management areas. Missing them out means that we missed out our family members. Branding is a celebration, it cannot be done in an isolation, so, involve everyone to celebrate the brand and you will see the charisma after the launching of your branding campaign. I have tried to establish our strong believe in the verse “branding begins at home”, so never forget to brand your home.

Brett Jordan Foter.com CC BY