A computer virus showed up in Richmond Virginia‘s Regional Tourism office in May, 2016. An employee who made a purchase from #Amazon from her office computer, received an email that looked like it came from #Amazon.com thinking it was an Invoice.

Ransomeware-virusImmediately, the virus encrypted the files on her computer making it impossible to open documents.  It spread like wild fire and within a matter of 30 minutes, just about every computer on the network was infected.

What would you do it that happened to you?  Could you afford $2,500+ to recover your information that might not be fully recoverable?  If you are a small business owner like me, this could be devastating.

There are a few lessons to be learned:

  • make sure you backup all of your files on either a remote server (could be pretty costly) or on a backup hard drive,
  • make sure you create a backup disk of your operating system if you weren’t provided backup disks at the time of purchase,
  • look at the senders email address BEFORE you open up an email from an unknown source, and,
  • don’t use your employers computers for personal use – you could be fired and/or have to pay damages equal to the cost of restoring the information.


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