Diva Logo DesignsI wanted to take this time to explain why we are different from other solutions providers. In 1990 when I launched my first online eCommerce business, I knew nothing about the World Wide Web. It was a whole new world to me. After all, I was a career paralegal with 13 years experience – I had no experience in this new venue.

So, as all good researchers do, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and interviewed several “experts.” That’s what their websites said they were and if it’s on the Internet it must be true…WRONG! The Internet and domains were so brand new there weren’t thousands of companies to choose from.

Well, I chose a company with “experts” and great references, or so I thought. My first logo for my first website cost $750.00. I was told the logo was hand drawn and was given two to pick from. I didn’t like those two because they didn’t capture what I told the designer I was looking for. I was promptly told I had to pay another $750.00 for two new designs. New designs! I paid you already for my new designs that looked nothing like I asked for so I why do I have to pay you again to give me what I asked for? I quickly learned that whether I paid them or not, I still needed a logo so now my new logo cost me $1,500.00.

I decided then and there I was going to become a designer and offer my clients top notch original designs, elicit lots of information about the client, the project, colors, styles, etc. before I set a price and asked for a deposit. Every deposit goes into escrow until the project is completed. I vowed that I would work on designing their logo until they said WOW. I vowed that I would return their deposit if I did not WOW them. Now you know why I say I am a WOW Wizard.

If you are looking for a unique logo design for your business, I’d love to WOW you.